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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a... a... a Research Trip! Yeah, That's It. Research!

The blog is going to be a bit quiet for the next few days as I am heading off for a trip to Las Vegas!

Oh, Las Vegas! That sparkling jewel in the desert! That oasis of air conditioning! That bastion of excess! Global warming be damned, the city of sin calls to me!

But don't let my gambling and carousing fool you! Oh no, this is purely a research trip. I will come back recharged, and full of notes! Notes on... on... gambling and carousing!

So though you may miss me, take heart in the fact that I will return Monday, prepared to share with you all the many insights my research trip has brought me.

Farewell, dear readers! I promise not to come back married!


Anonymous said...

What's so wrong with coming back from Vegas married? Returning from Vegas divorced after having arrived there single... now that's scary.

Nev said...

Remember: In blackjack, always split 8s.

And don't split 10s.

Andi said...

That's my kind of research!! Have fun sinning! Whahahah!

Jessica said...

Why so defensive? What's wrong with a little vacation? Have a great trip!

Last Knight said...

Have a good 'research'. ~_^

Sven said...

Hope you get the stripper flight!

Have fun. :)

stu said...

Ah, so this is what research is all about. I wonder if I can insert a nice beach scene into the novel, something I desperately need to research at once.