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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Neal Stephenson is Scary, But I Still Love Him

I have mentioned on this blog before that I don't generally read the same author more than once. I'm a slow reader, so I try to expose myself to as many different authors as possible. That said, there is one author that I've read more than others (as the title of this post suggests) and that is Neal Stephenson.

Stephenson's books are dense and difficult, often weaving complex scientific concepts into the story, but they are also adventurous and funny, populated with characters that I enjoy spending more than a thousand pages with. Stephenson is definitely not for everyone, but he is certainly for me.

Jacket Copy, the Los Angeles Times literary blog, recently posted an excerpt of an interview with Stephenson that will be included in a larger profile to be printed later. You can read the interview selection here.

Even if you're not interested in the interview, check out his scary publicity photo. Neal, your writing intimidates me all on its own. You don't have to go scowling at me.


Sven said...

He looks like an 'unsub' from Criminal Minds.

Jessica said...

but it does leave an impression. it prompted you to write about him!

stu said...

It makes him look a little like a reject from some of the nastier Norweigian Metal bands.

Anonymous said...

Eek. That's a definite look. It's almost as ballsy as his books.

Last Knight said...

Snow Crash is probably my favoritest cyberpunk novel ever.

Yes, I said favoritest.

Joey said...

Um...what was that about not judging books by their covers...or something.

(Am I saying this because I'm bald? Probably. Am I saying this because bald men have the potential to look scary in pictures? Yes. Am I saying this because I just finished growing my OWN goatee? No.)