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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potential Smash or Crash?

I admit it. I saw this, and I actually became hopeful for something creative, refreshing, and beautiful. What do you think? Is it going to be a travesty? Or is it going to be the classic we can't wait to watch with our kids?


Sven said...

that trailer freaks me the fuck out

Anonymous said...

Let the Wild Rumpus begin. Sorry had to say it. I'm hopeful, though I'm sure it's going to have to be massively different from what the book was. Looks like it's nostalgia-riffic though.

e said...

I am very hopeful as well, but I was one of the crazies looking at production stills and anxiously waiting for the trailer. And the trailer didn't dissapoint! So it's already off to a good start. I kind of just love Spike Jonze though; if he pulled off "Being John Malkovich," I have faith he can do something brilliant with "Where the Wild Things Are." (Also, I read that there were creative differences on set, and he won.)