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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Note to Self

No more reading harrowing true stories of death and survival.

I'm just too sensitive.


Anonymous said...

You should know better than that! That caused me fear of: heights, cold places, falling, frostbite, abandonment, suffocation... and death.

Home is safe. Bed covered in soft, warm blankets is even better.

e said...

Mental Floss just compiled a list of the "25 Most Powerful Books of the Last 25 Years" and among them was "Into Thin Air." I didn't know he'd written the book as a cautionary tale, to dissuade tourism, and apparently he's frustrated that this book increased the number of people attempting to climb.

Stephanie said...

Erika, I don't need to be afraid of those things, cause it's never gonna happen to me. My plan is to spend the rest of my life at sea level.

E, I don't know how anyone could read that book and decide that they wanted to make an attempt at climbing Everest. There are so many dangers just from being at that high altitude, before you even get to the danger of climbing the mountain and the brutal elements. No, thank you.

Louise Larsen said...

I know. I have always wanted to read this, too.

I just finished reading "The Road." That was pretty harrowing and didn't really help me with my winter bout of depression.

In fact, you could say that literature finally drove me to take responsibility for finally changing my prescription meds which I had been procrastinating about for years.

I think sobbing uncontrollably in the lobby of a medical office upon reading the final pages of this book finally made it all so clear.

It was as if the book spoke to me: "Louise, I'm really glad you like reading me, but honey, you're depressed. Fix it."

So, I think I'll wait a few weeks and then delve into something else harrowing. For some masochistic reason, I need books that make me feel.