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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Brass Monkey

Had lunch at the The Brass Monkey today. It's a K-Town eatery that gets a good business lunch crowd from the surrounding office buildings, but at night turns into a happening Karaoke spot. The walls of the entry way are lined with photos of celebrities rocking the mic, and posing with the two owners. Inside, dark wood paneling is a back drop to a slurry of flat-screened TVs, and red leather, high back, study-style chairs are scattered about the room. Smaller wooden chairs at the central tables bring to mind an old sea captain's steering wheel.

One of the owners is a middle-aged gentleman who was spotted today wearing a navy blue blazer and a baby blue polo shirt, all over a pair of weathered khaki cargo pants. It seems that he's expecting to go big game hunting before the day is out.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots.

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