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Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Thing Books Don't Melt

Baby, it's HOT in L.A.

On most summer evenings I can wrangle a cool breeze in through the window, but some nights are oppressively hot, the air so still it's as if the entire city is holding its breath. With temperatures expected to reach into the triple digits today, my guess is that tonight will be such a night.

In order to escape the heat, I've been looking for activities to do that would get me out of the apartment and into someplace air-conditioned, other than the movies. In the LA Times Calendar section, I came across an event scheduled for tonight in Pasadena.

Lewis Black, ranter/comic, is scheduled to read a portion of his book, Me of Little Faith, and do a book signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena tonight at 7:30. What a great evening that could be! Go early to the bookstore to pick up a live event ticket for later, then head to one of the many delicious eateries in Old Town Pasadena for a glass of cool iced tea and a relaxing meal, and then return to the bookstore in time for the reading.

Major drawback: the website says the event is outside. It's possible that it will already be pretty cool by 7:30, so it may certainly be worth the trip, but that's not exactly the air-conditioned respite I was hoping for.

Either way, libraries and book stores (and their events) are the perfect escape from the hot summer heat. So grab your book or your laptop and go support an independent bookseller through the hot summer months, while saving money and energy of your own.

Stay cool out there kids!


Last Knight said...

Still, though, Lewis Black is freaking hilarious. I think it'd be worth it. ^_^

stu said...

Sounds like a good night out.

Justin said...

Lewis Black is always good for a laugh.
There's an independent bookstore not far from where I live and they've always got nifty ideas going on throughout the summer.
Hope you manage to keep yourself from igniting.

Anonymous said...

Trust me... though you will be sweating, Lewis will definitely be sweating more.