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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have Books, Need Love

In the most recent episode of Valentine over on the CW, an already canceled show about the Goddess of Love (don't ask me why I watch these things), Peter is reminded just how much he loves his wife Xan... because he loves books. And in a very bookish turn of events, love is rediscovered when the corporate shackles of big box sellers are tossed aside for the truly romantic life in an independent bookstore.

Ah... now that is love.


Sven said...

That one dude was right. 'The book' will totally be obsolete by 2025; stories will be beamed directly into my brain, - with only 37 limbic system stimulating commercial breaks - as my robot wife and I speed around in my flying car.

You just wait.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, I actually caught this show the other night. Our brains must have been in sync. It reminded me of an unpleasant conversation I recently had at a wedding. I listened someone go on and on about the electronic readers and how awesome they are. While he prattled on I suddenly realized he'd never actually picked up a book, felt the pages, smelled the paper, dog eared a corner to mark his place, or felt one slipping from his hand while falling asleep. Books are a sensual experience that the "digital age" has been unable to replicate. Many a meeting has been held on how to get ereaders to replicate the unique experience that is a book; a satisfactory result has yet to be attained. Yes, the publishing industry is changing. Yes, readers are changing. Books, however, remain a unique sensual and intellectual pleasure that people have an innate need to experience. Go paper!