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Friday, July 11, 2008

Misdirection: The Busy Blogger's Best Friend

I have been working on some very complex and interesting posts for you all (I swear!), but unfortunately my home internet has been out of commission since Tuesday, and now suddenly an entire week has gone by and I haven't posted anything new!

So I'm taking this opportunity to draw your attention to a couple of the blogs on my sidebar which have been silently added within the last few months that I think you might enjoy:

I have to open with The Nevin Barich Blog Experience. I often find myself trying to repeat pieces of Nevin's blog to friends over dinner, and it just doesn't go over nearly as well as Nevin pulls it off himself. He makes me laugh every single time.

Next up, we've got And to Make a Long Story Short. Primarily a movie review blog, posts tend to cover films currently out in theaters and with a sense of humor to boot. Not to mention, cough I'm sometimes with blogger Sven when he sees the movie cough.

Happy surfing! Be back soon!


stu said...

You shouldn't have to apologise for not blogging, but those two look interesting.

Sven said...

Woohoo, you are the best! Hope everything got worked out and you are surfing once again.

Nev said...

I just read this blog entry and saw the shout-out. THANK YOU!!! Exposure like this brings me one step closer to my dream:

Advertising on my blog.

Where I can make money when people click on ads.

Accidentally or otherwise.


Run Your Car On Water said...

Your posts are always interesting to read and I hope the new ones you have suggested are equally interesting.